Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott

Learn God's Word With Pastor Scott

A disciple is a learner...

and this ministry provides you with many ways to learn God's Word.

To start you on your journey, Pastor Scott has selected several videos especially for new visitors. If you haven't already done so, take a moment to watch these: Click here

After you've watched "Pastor's Picks" watch The Pastor Scott Channel.

You'll also want to attend a live Sunday service with Pastor Scott in Los Angeles. Our congregants visit from around the world, so make plans to come to Southern California and attend. Reservations are required. Please click here for more information.

If you love God and His word and want to be more involved in this ministry, join the church by becoming a King's House and King's Tither. King's House and King's Tither numbers are issued to those who watch, attend and participate in Pastor Scott's weekly teaching.  Plus, by becoming a King's House and King's Tither, you make a statement that your household is dedicated to the Lord. This is the same way that thousands of people from around the world have expressed their commitment to be associated with this wonderful work of God.